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Happy English Everyday in Tianjin University
Second post 
27th-Jun-2005 11:42 am
I just heart about the tju_english community here, I am so glad to be one of here, and thanks for Nina to give us such a chance for each other.

My name is Ruby, I am a student from Tianjin University,I will graduate from my bacholar degree several days later, and further my study there in September. I hope to make friends here and improve my English, anyone who have suggestions about my expression please tell me, and thank you from my heart.

I dream to study aboard someday, if you have suggestions or advice or you are the ones with the same dream, please let me know, I appreciate your kindness^_^
27th-Jun-2005 08:46 am (UTC)
Hi Ruby :)

I hope your dream of studying abroad becomes a reality for you.
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