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Happy English Everyday in Tianjin University
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5th-Jul-2005 09:59 pm - it's been a long week
This week seemed to just fly by. I have been very busy with teaching. A new topic is presented everyday so I, along with my students, have to do a lot of preparation every night. I am quite pleased that I have already learned all of my students' names. The small class size has helped significantly with this.

Yesterday I celebrated the Fourth of July, America's Independence Day, by going to a cookout. We grilled chicken, hamburgers, and onions and ate water melon outside just before the sun went down. It was a great time.

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Grill Masters: Melissa, Steve, and Tyler!
27th-Jun-2005 09:04 pm - Hello! I am Rob from class 3
Hello every one!
I am Rob, (许栋)one of the monitors of Class 3.
Glad to see you here!
Wish you happy summer holiday!
27th-Jun-2005 11:48 am - I am Forest

  I am Forest.My Chinese Name is Bao-cheng Zhang(张宝成).It is my pleasure to be one of you!

  I am a graduate student of management school of Tianjin University.

  I like swimming,playing cards,and KTV.

  Hope everyone of this community happy every day!


27th-Jun-2005 11:42 am - Second post
I just heart about the tju_english community here, I am so glad to be one of here, and thanks for Nina to give us such a chance for each other.

My name is Ruby, I am a student from Tianjin University,I will graduate from my bacholar degree several days later, and further my study there in September. I hope to make friends here and improve my English, anyone who have suggestions about my expression please tell me, and thank you from my heart.

I dream to study aboard someday, if you have suggestions or advice or you are the ones with the same dream, please let me know, I appreciate your kindness^_^
26th-Jun-2005 03:51 pm - Welcome!
First post!

My name is Nina. I am an American in China. I teach Conversational English to Doctoral students in Tianjin University. After just finishing up a break after the past two semesters, it is time for a short, 4 week English summer camp. When the summer camp ends, so does my two years in China. I hope to come back to China one day. I feel I have taken more than I have given and I should come back later to make up for that. I have learned much about China's culture, people, food, and most importantly the value the Chinese people place on friendship and family. It is a magnificent thing.

I have started this community not only as a way for me to keep in touch with my students, but most especially as way for my students interact with each other in English.

I have been very busy over the past few days. I just got back into Tianjin Thursday from a wonderful trip to Wuxi, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou. Now it is time to focus on the Tianjin University summer camp that starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things...even if it is only for a little while :)
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